The Lessons I Learned

It has been a year and a half since I last left Honduras, dirty, exhausted, and so incredibly grateful. A lot in my life has changed since then. I no longer pick ants out of my drinking water. I no longer sit at night and watch the sun set over the dazzling mountains at the Guatemalan border.

Summer Camp & Miss Brianna

As a very eager, soon to be senior in college, I was desperate to make my summer of 2015 a defining one. I had an exciting internship lined up in Boston, but with an unexpected turn of events, I came across BECA and took a leap of faith to instead spend part of my summer teaching in Cofradia, Honduras.

A Day in the Life of Miss Jenna

Bounce…. bounce… bounce… goes the soccer ball against the wall during recess, the tennis ball between 5th and 6th grade as they play some version of racquet ball minus the racquets, and Miss Jenna as she goes from Kinder to 2nd, to 1st, then to 3rd, then to Prepa, plus lunch, and lastly to 4th all in a day.

That's a Bingo!

Sunday afternoons in Cofradía are usually spent planning, cleaning, and attempting to relax before the long school week ahead. This past Sunday, however, San Jeronimo Bilingual School had something a little different planned.