How to Get Involved

BECA offers several opportunities for volunteers and partners to get involved in our education programs.

The families separated at the southern border risked everything to seek a better life. In order to stay in their home countries, they need solutions that address the root causes that drive families to migrate north. Separating families is not a solution. Creating economic opportunities for individuals in their home country is a solution, and you can be a part of this work as a volunteer teacher with BECA.

BECA has worked alongside our Honduran partners for 16 years to provide high-quality bilingual education to the next generation of Hondurans. Our students learn the skills they need to find dignified, well-paying work in Honduras. For many of our graduates and their families, this has allowed them to avoid the necessity of the perilous journey north.

BECA is hiring volunteer teachers for immediate one-year placements in our community-run partner schools in Honduras. You can learn more about BECA and hear how our former volunteers are defending the rights of immigrant communities in this "BECA in Context" webinar.

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Available Positions

Volunteer Teacher

For the 2020-2021 school year, our one-year teaching commitment begins in July 2020 and ends in June 2021. Teachers have a holiday break from approximately Dec. 20 until Jan. 6.

All selected volunteer teachers are assigned to an elementary classroom, a middle school classroom, or a resource teacher role. BECA interviewers will explain the differences between the three positions in detail, but for now we have listed the general responsibilities required of all teachers.

  • Facilitate relationships with parents and other community members
  • Lesson-plan and teach in English all subject areas with the exception of Español and Estudios Sociales
  • Foster a safe and productive classroom environment for students
  • Serve as a Lunch/Recess monitor
  • Support your fellow teachers in school and at home
  • Serve as an ambassador for BECA by helping to spread the word about our work through your various networks
  • Maintain attendance records for all students in your homeroom
  • File a copy of your weekly lesson plans
  • Provide the Administration with a copy of your weekly class schedule
  • Sign Attendance Book upon entering/leaving school each day (required by law)
  • Ensure classroom is ready for students at beginning of each school day
  • Attend all teacher meetings
  • Keep the Administration informed of any problems or concerns (disciplinary or otherwise) you are having with students
  • Keep student files updated with the necessary information
  • Keep the office informed of extended absences of students
  • Grade exams
  • Collect performance grades from other teachers and prepare Bimester report cards
  • Fill out electronic and hard-copy versions of grading spreadsheet
  • Plan and organize extracurricular activities for students
  • Attend Association of Parents Meetings (at discretion of Administrator)
  • Participate in fundraising efforts to support BECA's program costs
  • A commitment to BECA's mission and a dedication to social justice
  • Fluency in English
  • Strong interpersonal and cross-cultural skills
  • Capacity to manage multiple taks simultaneously
  • Willingness to operate in a low-resource environment under challenging living conditions

While BECA asks for a one year commitment from our volunteer teachers, we actively encourage teachers to consider returning following their initial year with us. BECA recognizes that there are huge benefits to teachers returning for a second year. Returning teachers are much more effective in the classroom thanks to their previous year's experience. Just as importantly for a community school model like ours, returners serve as a bridge between new teachers and the community, helping new team members adapt to their roles much more quickly than they otherwise would. Second-year teachers are offered a monthly stipend, which is designed to cover all out-of-pocket expenses that a volunteer might incur during their time with BECA.

Program Administrator (Two Year Commitment (begins in May)

A Program Administrator is an in-country team member who is crucial to the operation of BECA’s partnership model. At each of BECA’s three school sites, one Program Administrator is hired to play a key leadership role within the school both on behalf of the volunteer team and on behalf of the Honduran School Director and our Partner. The primary role of the Program Admin is to work as a liaison between BECA volunteer teachers and the Honduran staff at the school both in logistical matters like calendar and staff meetings and in cultural matters like assisting with event-planning for school holidays and supporting collaboration between a culturally-diverse staff. Additionally, the Program Administrator is responsible for overseeing and running the school scholarship (Becado) program, which helps provide access to high-quality bilingual education to families from a wide variety of economic backgrounds within the community. For these reasons, the Program Administrator must be fluent in both Spanish and English and feel comfortable speaking publicly, engaging in school board meetings, and having professional conversations with parents, teachers, and other staff in both languages.

Program Administrators are asked to make a two-year commitment to this position and to begin their work in May of every year.

  • Serve as administrative leader and BECA representative at the school
  • Ensure that volunteers perform duties in a goal-oriented, culturally sensitive way, and that they act in a way that is consistent with BECA's mission
  • Maintain regular communication with our volunteer teachers, the Honduran School Director, and our partners to support clear communication channels and growth of the school and its programs
  • Oversee and direct Becado (student-scholarship) Program by organizing the point system and arranging systems for on-going communication and planning with involved parents
  • Work in coordination with the Honduran School Director to implement the school-wide discipline protocol, build teacher schedules, organize duties, coordinate school events,
    and plan monthly Staff Meetings
  • Attend all discipline meetings
  • Handle parent complaints and comments
  • Coordinate with fellow Program Administrators to collaborate and share best practices between schools
  • Communicate regularly with the In-Country Director to ensure needed supports are in place and to monitor the condition and quality of our programs
  • Report directly to the In-Country Director and maintain open communication with BECA Staff

Summer Camp Counselor

We seek approximately 8 Summer Camp Counselors for Summer Camp 2020 (approximately June 25- July 19, 2020) for children in grades 2-5. The camp is structured to provide our students with opportunities to remain immersed in the English language over the summer through fun games and activities - making the transition back to classes in August less difficult and preventing summer learning loss.

  • Plan, execute, and document daily activities for students in a collaborative environment
  • Make summer camp a fun way for students to maintain/increase their English language ability
  • Work together to plan activities across disciplines including art, reading and writing, and physical activity

  • A commitment to BECA’s mission and a dedication to social justice
  • Fluency in English
  • Experience working with children (preferred)
  • Willingness to operate and be creative in a low-resource environment
  • Foundational knowledge of Spanish (not required but helpful)

Because the Summer Camp is a supplemental program, BECA recoups the program's expenses through donations paid by Summer Camp Counselors who wish to participate. In exchange for this experience, we ask that you contribute or fundraise $1,000 for the BECA program to help defray costs (food, accommodation, training, materials, and a high-speed internet connection). A reduced contribution may be available for college students with demonstrated need.

For current college students, please note that volunteers in the past have successfully applied for on-campus grant monies to cover this expense and travel. We encourage you to explore what opportunities your college offers to subsidize summer experiences. Please contact us if you have any questions; we will try to help you in any way possible.