Read-Aloud Week at Semana Santa

On a recent semana I have to confess
The books came alive here at SMBS
Theme days and activities jumped off the page
Cause our students think reading is all of the rage!

Read Aloud Week started out up on top,
When students made hats and then read "Hop on Pop"
This quaint haberdashery had an excuse
The first day we honored Rhyme King Dr. Seuss!

Next Character Day, so we dressed up our best,
Think Frog, Toad, and Clifford, with whom we're obsessed
At lunch we played puppets, but they were imperiled
By big walking cut-outs of Piggie and Gerald!

On Wednesday we splattered our hair up with paint
We spiked it, pig-tailed it, without much restraint
At lunch some stuffed animals scarfed down tall tales
From first graders reading to Barbies and whales!

Then Thursday we colored our cheeks and our noses
With H's and turtles and war paint and roses
The 5th graders jammed in a poetry slam
We snapped and we clapped and yelled "Aww yeah! BaZAM!"

Then Read Aloud week here was all in the books
Words literally bound and stashed back in their nooks
But they won't wait long for more hullabaloo
Because at our school reading's just what kids do