A Day in the Life of Miss Stephanie

After just a few months into my first year as the fourth grade teacher at Amigos de Jesus (ADJ), I knew I would be back for round two. This year, in addition to my duties as the fourth grade teacher, I am responsible for the Instructional Lead program at ADJ (through which I offer support, suggestions, and resources for best teaching practices to first-year teachers), am an assistant teacher in Prepa (Kindergarten) and 5th grade, teach soccer after school once a week, teach English classes to Honduran teachers after school twice a week, and often serve as a translator in meetings for first-year teachers who are still picking up Spanish.

Every day looks a little bit different for me, but I can guarantee every day will be full. On top of teaching fourth grade, I might be working with a small group of students from another classroom who need additional practice, meeting with a first-year BECA teacher to give my feedback on their classroom, cooking for my housemates, spending some quality time with one of my students outside of the classroom, or any number of other things. And although my days are long and busy, I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world. I have the amazing opportunity to teach a talented group of students, support new teachers, practice my Spanish, and be a part of an incredibly welcoming and diverse community both inside of the BECA house and within the greater ADJ community.

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