Statement of Support

Bilingual Education for Central America (BECA) Stands With Hondurans as they make their voices heard through nonviolent protest and demonstrate an inspiring faith in the power of democracy to deliver a better future for Honduras

The people of Honduras went to the polls peacefully and in large numbers on November 26th, 2017. Eleven days have since passed and Honduras is still without a President. Many Hondurans are rightfully outraged by the lack of transparency surrounding this election. Further, many have been traumatized by the government’s actions, including violence against its own citizens, both of which demonstrate a lack of commitment to democracy and basic human rights.

BECA understands that the people’s mobilization, highway blockades, peaceful protests, and expressions of resistance go well beyond simply responding to the electoral process. These actions represent a united voice of the people calling to move beyond the state violence and corruption that have too often characterized Honduras during the post-coup years.

BECA condemns the U.S. State Department’s actions in certifying the standing Honduran government, and its President’s purported efforts to fight corruption and support human rights. We consider this stance especially misplaced in this post-election moment.

We urge the Honduran Supreme Electoral Tribunal to demonstrate that they are working to address the harms caused by a lack of transparency, repeated delays, and vote count irregularities. We call for an end to the current government’s suspension of constitutional rights and excessive use of force towards peaceful protesters.

We await alongside our families and communities for a potential recount - partial or full - and the ultimate results of the election. And, we remain committed to working with our Honduran friends, family and colleagues to advance the value and power of access to a high-quality education.

In Solidarity,