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When I was 6 years old I was in first grade. Much like I am today, I was a very talkative boy and this tended to get me in trouble in class. I must have a had a bad string of days in the first grade because I was bringing home a bunch of yellow lights. Good students stayed on green.

Construction and a Coati Bring Terror to Earth Science

Monday was tough. I arrived at school at school at 6:45am to print out all of my worksheets for my day and the school printer wasn’t working (note- this is a common occurrence here. Technology has a very short life due to the heat, humidity and dust). I had 3 lesson plans to print and two worksheets. Panic… a bit of anger.

Josue y Yo

I have a new best friend. He’s only seven and he doesn’t speak that much English, but he is still my best friend. His name is Josue and he is in second grade at SJBS. I can’t quite describe what brought us together.