The News

A Revolving Path

Every so often two cows and I pass each other on the walk home from school. Now normally the owner is in between these two cows talking to them and somehow guiding them in the right direction simply by using his voice.

A House is Not a Home

One of the things BECA teachers are required to do is go on home visits. Home visits are a great way to get to know your students, their family, and often times for a “problem child”, they are a great way to see why your students are the way they are.

The Other Side of the River

As part of the 8th grade “civica” class the students are required to do a community service project. This year’s class did a clothing drive and got donations of bags and bags of used clothing. They needed an extra chaperone today to go with them to deliver the clothes to a school “on the other side of the river.”