The News

My First Week

On Friday, at 2:15 pm, we finished our first week as teachers at SJBS. If I could choose one word to sum it all up it would most undoubtedly be: exhausting. It was a roller coaster week of very high highs and very low lows.

Vaya Pues

This past weekend all of the teachers took a trip to a small beach town on the Carribean coast called Triunfo. It felt amazing to lay out on the sand outside our beach-frontcondos (which only cost us $3 a night) and relax from the stresses of these past five weeks.

My Classroom Needs You

At the end of this blog post I am going to ask you to donate to my classroom. But before I do, I want to explain to you why it is that I need this donation. I have explained what I am doing in Honduras in many capacities, but I want to tell you more about how things work at my new school.