The News

Vaya Pues

This past weekend all of the teachers took a trip to a small beach town on the Carribean coast called Triunfo. It felt amazing to lay out on the sand outside our beach-frontcondos (which only cost us $3 a night) and relax from the stresses of these past five weeks.

My Classroom Needs You

At the end of this blog post I am going to ask you to donate to my classroom. But before I do, I want to explain to you why it is that I need this donation. I have explained what I am doing in Honduras in many capacities, but I want to tell you more about how things work at my new school.

The First Supper

Last night marked our first meal in our new abode. We are now out of our homestays and in the apartments where we will be living for the year. I am reveling in my newfound freedom. Mainly the freedom from refried beans, an avodaco, stinky cheese and corn tortillas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.