Santa Monica Bilingual School

Santa Monica Bilingual School (SMBS) is located in the small, marginalized township of Vida Nueva Cortés, Honduras. Vida Nueva is approximately five miles from Cofradía, where San Jeronimo Bilingual School is located.

BECA's first expansion school outside of Cofradía was a long time coming for the organization. When BECA decided to partner with Santa Monica Bilingual School it meant much more than just serving another school. It spoke to the confidence built through years of hard work from BECA’s volunteers and our Honduran partners. When BECA placed its first four teachers at SMBS in August of 2011, it was done with the same passion and dedication - combined with 10 years' experience - that has served to make BECA’s flagship school, SJBS, what it is today.

Thanks to the diligence of our first two intrepid SMBS teams, and each future BECA volunteer, the students in Vida Nueva will now enjoy the same life changing opportunities that the 260 students and 47 graduates at San Jeronimo have come to know through BECA.

SMBS was founded by La Hermandad de San Agustin, an order of Spanish and Honduran nuns. SMBS employs each of BECA's hallmark programs including a scholarship program, a Board composed of our students' parents, Libros Y Familias (a family literacy program), and the implementation of BECA's custom-made curriculum.