Schools and Programs


  • Amigos de Jesús is a U.S. and Honduran based organization operating a children’s home for over 120 children who have been victims of abuse or neglect in some form.
  • SJBS opened its doors in 2004 to 113 students and a few brave volunteer teachers! Since that time we have grown to our max capacity of 260 students (25/classroom max.) with a staff of 15 BECA volunteers and 5 Honduran educators.
  • Thanks to the diligence of our first two intrepid SMBS teams, and each BECA volunteer to follow, the students in Vida Nueva now enjoy the same life changing opportunities that the 260 students at SJBS have come to know.
  • Each year committed volunteer join BECA's 4-week summer camp to provide our students with opportunities to remain immersed in the English language over the summer through fun games and activities - making the transition back to classes in August less difficult than it would be if they had no exposure to English during the summer.


  • The BECA Bachillerato Program is an extension of BECA's overall model of increasing access to education for all members of the community. The BBP takes into account not only financial need but also academic achievement and motivation. We hope to inspire all of our students to strive for academic excellence.
  • Charla de Padres was created in the same spirit of cultural exchange and community empowerment that BECA was founded upon.
  • Through videos, books, articles, guest speakers, and case studies, BECA’s Culture in Context course aims to provide our volunteers with a deeper understanding about the political, social, economic, and cultural realities in Honduras and the world.
  • The idea behind Libros y Familias is that successful home-school-community partnerships with culturally and linguistically diverse families are possible if we recognize the enormous "funds of knowledge" families bring, and promote a meaningful dialogue between home and school based on mutual respect and trust.