Andres Galeas

Andres was born and raised in Cofradía, Honduras. He graduated from San Jeronimo Bilingual School (SJBS) in 2012 and went on to attend high school and university, earning a degree in Education from the Francisco Morazan National Pedagogical University, before returning to BECA as a full-time classroom teacher. When Andres was a student at SJBS he was really inspired by the volunteer teachers and always wanted to be like them. It was a dream of his to teach with BECA. Now it’s great for him to be a part of this team because he can experience BECA from a different point of view and have the opportunity to meet great people from diverse backgrounds. Andres is a proud SJBS graduate. He considers SJBS “one of the best schools in Cofradía because they didn’t just teach me English, they taught me about me about another culture and new things that I wouldn’t have learned in another school.” According to Andres, Honduras is a great adventure full of wonderful people and beautiful places with so much to give to people that haven’t yet visited. He wouldn’t have wanted to grow up anywhere else since there’s no place like Honduras.