Bruna Gomes

Bruna was born in the US, but moved to Brazil when she was 1 year old. She graduated with a degree in Social Science - Sociology, Anthropology and Political Science, at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. After finishing college she moved to Dublin, Ireland, to learn English, and to travel around Europe. After 3 years in Ireland working in really different areas, as a Salesperson, a Manager, a Content Reviewer for Google, and an NGO campaigner at Oxfam for the refugee campaigns, she decided to completely change her life. Bruna started to work with something that would fulfill her. She found BECA, and is really excited to start this new adventure. While she was in Ireland she travelled a lot. In total she visited more than 20 countries, and discovering new cultures is one of her biggest passions. She also loves to cook recipes from all over the world, especially if she is cooking for her loved ones. Bruna also enjoys meditation, Latin culture, Brazilian funk and samba. Learning new languages is also something that appeals to her, because it's a way to get to know other people better. She now speaks 3 languages, and her goal is to learn even more. She believe that education is the best way to change people’s life, and make a difference in the world. That’s why she feels she is in the right place with BECA.