Chris Ruiz

Christopher Ruiz is a junior studying Communication & Publicity at Universidad Privada in San Pedro Sula and plans on continuing his education at the university by pursuing a second degree in English as well as studying Cinematography. Chris is from Cofradia, Honduras and graduated from BECA’s San Jeronimo Bilingual School in 2010. His experience at SJBS cultivated a passion for English learning so he chose to return to the BECA program again this year as a 2nd-year teacher at Santa Monica, BECA’s second school location. Chris feels that his first-hand experience as a student in a BECA school will help him be able to guide the new generation of BECA students as he moves into the role of teacher. In the future, he hopes to continue working with nonprofit organizations that focus specifically on issues pertaining to children as well as organizations that focus on environmental issues. He is an advocate for bilingual education and plans to pursue this passion particularly through working in the community with BECA as the program continues to grow. Chris loves to play soccer with his friends every week and travel throughout Honduras to be exposed to all of the many experiences and places that his beautiful country has to offer. Once he has completed his Honduras-travel bucket list, he hopes to be able to visit every country in the world.

Posted on Monday, September 4, 2017, 3:56 pm EDT

It’s finally here, it's happening! I never imagined myself doing something this hard and challenging. Going back to my student years, I remember how excited I always felt about the first day of school. Firstly because I got to hang out with my classmates whom I consider my brothers and sisters, and secondly because I got to know my new teacher. Finally because I always felt so lucky to be part of such an unique school.

But this time was different: now I was excited to know my students. I was excited to come back to such an amazing organization, but this time as a 6th grade teacher. Who would have thought? Not me, that’s for sure! I think out of all my school years 6th grade was the most amazing and memorable year for me. Whether it was because I had an amazing teacher (shoutout to Mr. JB!) or because I remember how committed and patience Mr. JB always was. One of the most memorable moments from 6th grade was our morning journal. I remember Mr. JB playing “Clocks” by Coldplay while we got to choose a spot in the classroom and have time to write in our journals. I miss those days.

When I made the decision to be part of BECA as a teacher for this school year, I was so scared, but I knew I wanted to be part of something special. The first day of training was so hard, I constantly thought, "How in the world am I going to apply everything I am learning into my class?" Creating unit plans and lesson plans was so stressful, and every day thought about what my first day of class as a teacher would be like.

When that day finally came and the clock struck 9:15am, my heart stopped for a minute. This is it, the moment is finally here, its happening. And while I was walking in the hallway on my way to the classroom, I was going through a lot of things in my mind, remembering every training class, going back to my memories from my school years, and remembering the strategies, procedures, and routines I was introduced to. The moment I stepped inside the class everything felt so natural, and I felt like I was in the right place. Looking at the kids, asking for their names, and getting to know them was an unforgettable moment.

Now I feel that I can apply everything thing I was taught during training and now I know how hard that first day of school is not only for the students but also for the teachers. I feel so proud of myself and the rest of the teachers for making it through the first day.

And if you are wondering, yes, I play "Clocks" during morning journal.

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