Christhian Barrantes

Christian graduated with a major Business Administration with two minors in Finance and Theology. Shortly after graduation he started working in the health care/Insurance industry that led him to work from Pharmacies to Medical Billing. Soon Chris developed a passion for travel and Latin American culture. This new passion took him to a backpacking trip throughout Central America, Mexico and South America, not only to discover his heritage but also to understand the region. Chris did not limit his experience to Latin America but also volunteered in Rome, Italy in a free health care clinic for immigrants. Chris is not only focused on culture but also in nature and environment; he volunteered on a Ecological Hotel in Barcelona, Spain where he led the hotel's environmental projects on recycling, and a efficient use of resources.

Chris also has more than 5 years of experience on the BPO/Contact Centers industry. As a customer service expert, Chris belonged to the Quality Assurance team where his skills on opportunities identification, feedback, coaching and data mining sharpened up. Chris is very passionate on the development of the Central American region, environment conservation and education and this took him to share his experience with BECA where he knows he can make a difference in the development of the region.