Jenna Lackey

Jenna Lackey (SJBS Lower School Resource) was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM. The majority of her childhood was spent enjoying New Mexico's serene mountains and lakes, failing miserably at bike riding, and playing tennis. She graduated in 2014 from University of New Mexico with a B.S. in Environmental Science. During her time attending UNM she worked for Albuquerque's local water utility company where she learned a great deal about water quality and resource while cultivating a new passion. Her future plans involve a medley of potential graduate degrees in Environmental Engineering and Water Resources, working in International Development, and continuing to travel as much as possible.
This is Jenna's second year with BECA. Her first year was spent teaching Kinder where she developed a deep love for their unique and captivating personalities. She will be filling the role of Lower Resource Teacher at SJBS with a new found respect for the roles of educators in developing adolescents. Her first year proved challenging and exciting in a multitude of ways and she is hoping this year will be much in the same. Her pastimes while residing in Cofradia include drinking copious amounts of french press coffee, completing ridiculously difficult crossword puzzles with fellow volunteers, and enjoying extremely hot runs to the river.

Posted on Thursday, January 28, 2016, 9:40 am EST

Bounce…. bounce… bounce… goes the soccer ball against the wall during recess, the tennis ball between 5th and 6th grade as they play some version of racquet ball minus the racquets, and Miss Jenna as she goes from Kinder to 2nd, to 1st, then to 3rd, then to Prepa, plus lunch, and lastly to 4th all in a day. There is no profession in the world as exhausting as teaching and nothing quite like being a teaching chameleon in a variety of classes. You learn to adapt to the subject, the teachers, and the students’ needs. But what I’ve learned is that while it may be tiring, it is as equally entertaining and rewarding.

As the lower school resource teacher, I get to see half the school on almost a daily basis. I learn how to count with Kinder, practice my times tables in 3rd, refresh my addition skills in Prepa, practice my long division skills in 4th, and review my place values in 1st. All in a day I can help challenge some of the brightest kids in the school while also help teach some that struggle with the most basic of literacy concepts. Each child I work with is unique. Their abilities are varied and motivations different. Some of them are so excited to see me coming down the hall they run screaming my name, while others begin to sob when they see me knocking on their teacher’s door. I’ve had kids tell me jokes, make up stories about fake twin baby brothers in their house, approach me sobbing because they didn’t want pasta for lunch that day, or give me half their package of cookies for no reason.

My day is constantly changing. It is full of complicated characters, alternating plot lines from each class, but filled with the underlying theme of providing the best possible education for every child that walks through the front doors.

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