Lara Bryfonski

Lara Bryfonski (SJBS Lower School Resource Teacher)

After an incredibly rewarding first year teaching second grade, Lara is excited to return to SJBS as the Lower School Resource Teacher. Lara is a graduate of Boston University where she studied Linguistics and Bilingual Education. While at BU, she was able to gain valuable experience observing and teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) in a variety of schools in the Boston area. Lara's background in linguistics and interest in language acquisition enhances her abilities as a language instructor. As an undergraduate, Lara was able to study theoretical linguistics in Paris, France as well as complete research in language acquisition with Harvard University's Lab for Developmental Studies. She presented her findings at an undergraduate linguistics conferences in Boston and Montreal. This year, Lara plans to start a school-wide literacy program to help students improve their reading and writing.

Posted on Friday, August 19, 2016, 6:15 pm EDT

Dear BECA’s 2016-2017 team,

Congratulations! Your hard work and dedication helped make our 2016 Summer Institute a great success! As the final days of summer vacation draw near, I’m sure you are all working hard to prepare your classrooms (and yourselves) for the first day of school. I know this last month of summer training has given you the tools you need for success this school year. Let’s take some time now to reflect on some highlights from the great whirlwind that was BECA’s 2016 summer institute:

• Our first mentor meeting! First peek into the binder of information on your students, class, and curriculum.
• Slam poetry to explain Cummin’s theories of bilingualism
• Brian acts as middle school teacher to console angry student, Tim, in a role play about differentiating instruction
• Practicing our Spanish skills to interview San Jeronimo parents and hear their perspectives on our school and living in Cofradia
• First day of Academy. For many of you it was a big “first”, your first day as a teacher in front of an actual class!
• A surprise “hurricane day” off from academy that was really just a lovely, cool day with a light drizzle!
• Teaching in academy prompted some fabulous quotes:
o “We can’t just open a baby”- A 2nd grade teacher describes how to treat a book like a baby.
o “Even if you see a lizard, you can’t get up!”- 3rd grade teacher helps his students stay on track.
o “Next time we go back to our seats… we use our feet”- A 1st grade teacher redirects a student during a transition.
• Rising SMBS second graders get moving during a Zumba P.E. class!
• Watching our mentor teachers model lessons from “Scottie’s” Go-Bananas! song to Hannah’s middle school science class, it is great to observe and reflect on others’ teaching styles.
• The day we had chimichangas for lunch!
• Waving to the trainers from the busito as you headed off to your team bonding trip with a month of training now behind you. Now the fun really starts!

I know I speak on behalf of all the summer trainers this year when I say that we are very proud of all this team has accomplished in such a short time. The 2016-2017 BECA team is excited, dedicated, hard-working and ready for all of the challenges and adventures of the year to come. I am confident this will be a great BECA year. Good luck teachers!


Summer 2016 Trainer