Luis Simas

Luis Simas is a solution-oriented Project Manager passionate about international development and education. Luis graduated from the Fluminense Federal University in 2015 with a B.A. in Social Sciences. After graduation, he moved to Ireland with the intention of improving his English and come back to his beloved Rio de Janeiro after a semester. However, Luis fell in love with the international and vibrant Dublin and spent almost 4 years there, where he gained valuable work experience, but most of all, a life-changing experience. During his time in Dublin, Luis earned himself a Masters in Project Management at the UCD Smurfit Business School, worked as Project Coordinator in a variety of IT and Merger & Acquisition projects, travelled to more than 20 countries, went vegan and made lifelong friends. Born and raised in Brazil, Luis is familiar with the struggles most families face in Latin America. But also knows, by his own journey, the positive impact of high-quality affordable education. He is driven by his passion and desire to change the word by concrete actions. google-site-verification: googlea3d066d684b15139.html