Mirian Paz

Mirian is a 23 years old Honduran citizen. She studied Business Leadership at a non-profit organization called The Leadership Center (TLC) in Honduras and through TLC, she found BECA. Mirian was a BECA volunteer in 2016 - 2017 and 2017-2018 and now she has returned to BECA for a 3rd year because she loves the mission. Mirian tells people from her hometown of Azacualpa, Santa Barbara that BECA is the type of system we need to implement in every single school in Honduras so that bilingual education is accessible to every child! Mirian is very passionate about high-quality education because of the lack of access to education and even more limited access to bilingual education in Honduras. According to Mirian, "BECA is playing a very significant role in our country. My hope is that other schools see BECA as a model and implement its mission and vision. I think that having access to high-quality education in Honduras is a powerful tool. We have to change so many things in this country starting with our education and access to bilingual education. BECA is awesome!"