Nely Vasquez

Nely Vásquez was born in Yamaranguila, Intibucá, Honduras. She is 19 years old and just finished two years studying at The Leadership Center (TLC). She is very passionate about education. She is the youngest of 9 kids. She lives with her mother and one sister. Her other siblings are married and they have their own families. Most of them live in the same town. And José, the fourth of her siblings, works in Puerto Cortés, Honduras. Her mother stays at home. Her family is working on a strawberry farm, which is run by Carlos, one of her brothers, who is in charge of everything. Sometimes the rest of her siblings go to the farm to help him, as Nely does when she is home during holidays and vacation. Nely graduated high school in 2014 and was recommended to study at The Leadership Center by one of her teachers. TLC has been an important part of her life, and it has helped her to grow in her personal and professional life. After BECA Nely wants to return to her community, find a teaching job, and put into practice her knowledge and experience from TLC and BECA.