Tim Carson

Tim’s fascination with the Spanish language and Latino culture started when he entered high school in Mason, Ohio. Over the past eight years he has had the fortunate exposure to many passion-driven teachers and professors that have furthered his appreciation for the diversity comprising the 430 million global speakers of Spanish. During his four years at the University of Cincinnati, Tim studied Spanish and Communication. Before becoming a BECA teacher, Tim mentored at-risk youth in Cincinnati, served as a conversation partner to Latino students learning English and volunteered with a Legal Immigration Services Department where he translated for undocumented individuals to help them file for various services. He started a theatre troupe and held several ridiculously low-budget productions using scripts from Spanish, Argentine and Mexican playwrights. When he isn’t studying or working, Tim is probably out dancing Swing, Blues or Tango somewhere. In early 2016, he lived in Puerto Rico while finishing his final college courses, but he was unfortunately not able to master the salsa. As he travels, learns and experiences more cultures, Tim continues to understand more profoundly the privilege of living in the US. He is both nervous and extremely psyched for the next part of his life to begin in Central America.