In this moment more than ever, BECA and our community partners need your support to weather the storm that is COVID-19. Everything is on the line as we work to ensure that our schools will still be open after the pandemic passes.

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BECA’s communities are already seeing remittances dry up – the primary source of income for many of our students’ families. The informal work sector is shuttered as the strongly enforced “stay at home” order is still in place in Honduras.​ Even those with salaried work are struggling as the manufacturing and tourism sectors find themselves on a long-term hold. 

Many of our families are struggling to just put food on the table. Tuition – while very low for those who pay because of our collaboration – is well out of reach for most families and is likely to remain so for at least the rest of 2020. Our school partners rely on tuition payments to cover the salaries of our beloved Honduran colleagues. 

While our school buildings are shuttered, learning and relationship-building work have not stopped. Despite the economic, social and political challenges that Honduras is contending with, the work that BECA and our partners have invested in building our collaboration is fertile soil. While our students and families face incredible challenges even just figuring out how to connect to internet from home, they are moving virtual mountains in order to connect with teachers and each other every day – to support each other as Honduras braces for not only the health challenges but also the further economic upheaval COVID-19 is already bringing. 

Our community partners are leaning into us and we are leaning into them (in this moment and always) as together we build the future by educating critical thinkers committed to justice, equity, and a quality education for all. 

Please help us weather the storm. To do this, BECA needs to raise at least an additional $100,000 in calendar year 2020. These resources will allow us to support

  • as much as 75% of our partner schools’ payroll expenses through December 2020 (which will ensure our schools can reopen and our teachers, students, and families have the support they need as they bear the brunt of the ripple effect of the contracted global economy).
  • families’ access to internet while school is out of session (approx. $1,500/month) so that students can continue to learn.
  • A portion of our BECA teacher corps food/living stipends and training.

BECA’s bottom line is that 100% of donations go directly to our program – supporting teachers, students and families by covering Honduran salaries; teacher supplies and living stipends; and supplies for our efforts. The per child investment we make equals approximately $300/year. The per classroom investment is $6,500. We have already invested our full hearts and minds in this effort. With your financial support, we can ensure our efforts and impact survive this pandemic.

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