Ryan Hebel

About Ryan Hebel

Ryan Hebel (SMBS 4th Grade) is on the third round of his Santa Monica trilogy. He's hoping it turns out more like "Return of the Jedi" than "Rush Hour 3." Ryan grew up in small-town Wisconsin and went to UW-Madison to study political science and journalism. He dabbled in TV news for a few years, but found his passion in teaching through BECA. The decision was a life-changer. Over the past two years he's worked with amazing kids, teachers, and families. When he's in class he likes to keep things fresh and fun by writing raps and songs for his students to learn, and feeding off their energy and enthusiasm. When he's out of school his favorite thing is exploring hidden nooks of Honduras on a chicken bus with his tattered backpack. That might mean practicing his Punta dancing on some Garifuna beach, or picking coffee in the mountains. He is grateful for the opportunity to spend another year discovering new people, ideas and adventures in Honduras.