Amigos de Jesus

Amigos de Jesús is a U.S. and Honduran based organization operating a children’s home for over 85 children who have been victims of abuse or neglect in some form. The home is located outside of Maquelizo, Santa Barbara, Honduras - approximately 30 miles from Cofradía.

As a joint venture, BECA and Amigos de Jesús officially opened the doors of this bilingual school in August 2013. We began by serving Kindergarten - 2nd grade, and we will add an additional grade level each year. The school will host a mixture of children from the home itself, as well as offering an affordable, high-quality bilingual education to children from the local region. In addition to the bilingual school, Amigos de Jesús will continue to educate their older children through Educatodos (an accelerated program for children or adults that are significantly behind in schooling) on the same site.