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Central America is a region blessed with abundant natural resources and vibrant culture. Yet, the region also struggles with widespread poverty, income inequality, crumbling infrastructure, and a lack of quality educational and professional opportunities.

In collaboration with our Honduran partners, BECA is working to reverse these dynamics so that our students can express their full human potential and build a future grounded in their country’s many strengths and assets.

Our goal is to empower and enable our graduates to remain in the region by equipping them with the skills they need to access economic and social opportunity at home.

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the most efficient and self-sustaining way to ensure that Central America flourishes is
quality education for all

Through meaningful multicultural collaboration, BECA and our partners are modeling that access to a quality (bilingual) education is possible regardless of economic means. Together, we work every day to ensure that our students are developing into critical thinkers, innovators and socially-conscious citizens.


Where We Work

BECA Schools partners with two schools in Honduras to provide a top-quality bilingual education.

Sustainable Educational and Economic Transformation

By working together with volunteers like you, our Honduran partners, and our local communities, we are making progress towards our goal of achieving a sustainable educational and economic transformation.


Our Programs

In addition to the two schools we serve, we also have four partnership programs.



BECA Summer Camp is a three-week program designed to prevent language and learning losses over the summer.



Libros y Familias is a family-oriented literacy program that introduces our students' parents to techniques they can use in the home to encourage a love of reading.

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The BECA Bachillerato Program is a merit-based scholarship program that empowers our most financially disadvantaged students to continue their education at nearby bilingual high schools.

If you are interested in deep volunteer work and real immersion in a Honduran community, this is the program for you. The teacher training was excellent and the opportunity to not only have a classroom of students, but to get to know their families through frequent home visits, allows for a kind of cultural exchange I haven’t experienced anywhere else.

Yael K., BECA Teacher 18-19

My year in Honduras remains the most important time in life, and I formed long lasting relationships with both my fellow Western teachers and Honduran students and families. Definitely spend a year with BECA!

Aaron J., BECA Teacher 17-18

My two years with BECA have been a whirlwind of growth and of new experiences. From teaching middle school, to hanging out with the volunteers, to planning team bonding trips, to traveling around Honduras, to all the little moments in between, each day has brought new and exciting challenges and experiences. Every day with BECA is a new adventure. The students constantly blow me away with their intelligence and insightfulness. It is my biggest joy and privilege to be a part of this community and it will always have a very large piece of my heart. Honduras is an incredibly beautiful country and I will always treasure my years spent living here.

Katie McClave, BECA Program Manager
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