Project Description


Through videos, books, articles, guest speakers, and case studies, BECA’s Culture in Context course aims to provide our volunteers with a deeper understanding about the political, social, economic, and cultural realities in Honduras and the world.

In line with BECA’s mission, the curriculum was developed so that by the end of the year-long course, volunteers will…

  • Gain a contextual understanding of Honduran culture within the community, as it relates to bigger picture social, political, and international movements
  • Build skills and avenues to further their own cultural awareness, both during and after their time on the ground
  • Analyze their unique social position, as well as that of their home culture, as it relates to economics, gang culture, immigration, and related topics that connect with the cultural context in which they live
  • Be exposed to opportunities and experiences that help them better understand how to move forward in supporting social justice for Hondurans

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