Project Description


Originally introduced by author Dr. Alma Flor Ada, the idea behind Libros y Familias is that successful home-school-community partnerships with culturally and linguistically diverse families are possible if we recognize the enormous “funds of knowledge” families bring, and promote a meaningful dialogue between home and school based on mutual respect and trust.

Basic Goals of the Program

  • To increase the amount of time parents spend reading and talking to their children at home
  • To produce and publish books authored and illustrated by parents and children
  • To promote cultural activities that foster cultural pride and self-esteem

During Libros Y Familias workshops, parents read, discuss, and compose personal responses to selected books in Spanish that reflect culturally relevant themes such as friendship, religion, working families, etc. Children meet with facilitators who direct craft activities based on the theme of the book used for the adults. At the end of the workshop, each family takes home a copy of the book that was discussed. For some of our families, the books they receive at these workshops are the only books in their home.

Parents’ personal responses to the selected book are transcribed and read with the children, who are then asked to illustrate their parents’ writings. The parent and children’s combined work constitutes a book. The books are distributed to each family at the beginning of the next workshop.

Books Given to Honduran Families Annually

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