If you had told me a year ago I would be the BECA Amigos de Jesus Administrator, I probably would have laughed. I loved my work with BECA and loved my second home at Amigos de Jesus, but a year ago today I was still attempting to grapple with my responsibilities in my second grade classroom. Becoming the administrator seemed daunting, scary and outside of the realm of possibility. Within a few more months I knew I needed to come back to Amigos in a new role, either as the third grade teacher (with my kids) or as the administrator. My experience here has been unlike one I have ever had, nor will ever have again. I can thank my second grade class (now third grade) and the wonderful kids and people I met for inspiring me to try something new and apply for the administrative position.
One of the perks of being the administrator is you can see a larger picture. Amigos de Jesus Bilingual School is mostly made up of three volunteer groups: the BECA volunteers (us), the Amigos de Jesus volunteers (also gringos), and the Honduran volunteers. Every day I see how well the school functions as a whole thanks to the hard work of the Director, the other school staff and these three volunteer groups. The padrinos (adults who take care of the children at the hogar) and parents of other students are also very involved in their students’ education. They constantly want to know how their students are doing and help address concerns about their students with the willingness and desire to help. This year various parents also invest in the school with their physical labor and come to help out at the school through our scholarship (becado) program.
Overall, I would say that my experience with BECA at Amigos de Jesus has been painted by kindness and community. Every day, I do not have to go very far to find inspiration when I am feeling tired and need an extra push. I find it in our partners at the home, volunteers, parents, padrinos and other home and school staff that have an unparalleled passion for the kids and their education and overall wellbeing. And the community extends beyond the school itself. Since Amigos de Jesus Bilingual School is situated on the campus of a children’s home and the BECA volunteers here live in the ADJ community, I wake up every morning to the noise of children and spend my days with amazing and inspiring kids, volunteers, and staff. Some of my favorite times here have been outside of school where I can play and spend time with kids at the hogar coloring, playing soccer or tag or when I visit other students and their families in the local communities. Building connections with people inside and outside of school is by far my favorite part of living and working here with BECA at Amigos de Jesus.
Follow the link below to see the photos Miss Liz took while documenting a day in her life at Amigos de Jesus: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153410099791461.1073741854.4…

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