Last week, the most adorable class at SJBS (some would argue) transformed some paper plates into beautiful seahorses, thanks to the help of some markers, glitter, sequins, and just a little bit of magic. The class had spent the week studying the ‘S’ as our prestigious “Letter of the Week,” and since we were also learning about wild animals, seahorses seemed like the perfect activity to finish our week. Even though a few of the kids weren’t actually sure what the animal was (even when I broke down and told them it was a caballito del mar) the project was a success and the seahorses decorated our classroom for the next week.
Aside from the excitement of using glitter and googley eyes, the kids were also excited to use some of the new supplies I brought back after Christmas, which had been donated to me by friends, relatives, acquaintances, and some kind-hearted people I had never even met and to whom I am very grateful. The new markers are a class favorite, and the plastic bins my friend donated make my job of managing the chaos caused by giving four-year-olds crafting materials much easier. I’d like to give a small shout-out to Raymond Lenhoff, Dove Hayes, and the member of Destiny Church in Carl Junction, Missouri for giving me many more school supplies than I could possibly fit in my two suitcases. I hope these pictures of my impossibly cute students using those supplies show how thankful we are and how useful they are in our classroom.
For anyone interested in donating to BECA, there’s good news!

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After a year full of singing the ABC song daily, bathing in glitter and glue, and dancing embarrassingly in front of her students, Raven is excited to return to San Jeronimo. She will teaching Prepa, following her class from Kinder, and has great hopes that there will be far fewer tears on the first day this time around. Before coming to Honduras, Raven studied Creative Writing and Spanish at Missouri State University, where she also had the opportunity to study away in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She has plans to attend graduate school for Latin America Studies after her time in Honduras and continue learning about the people and culture of the area. In the meantime, she hopes to help her students transition into the full school day, begin to read, and learn to say her name correctly. She's especially looking forward to spending time with her twenty-five small friends and their families come August.