My mother taught me about gratitude. She has always inspired me and taught me to look back at BECA and realize what opportunities I have because I can speak a second language. Now, as a second-year BECA teacher, it is sometimes hard to manage the worries of the parents. But, I remember my mom and how important my BECA education was for me, and I understand them better. They want the same opportunity for their children!

For me, BECA is family. All the parents, teachers, and students make the family. That’s why when I remember my experience as a student, I remember all of my teachers. They always looked for ways to be funny and explain things so that we could understand. As a student I wanted to be an engineer, but as I grew up in BECA classrooms I realized how wonderful it is to be a teacher. If I could talk to my teachers now, I’d want to tell them that I am very grateful for all the time they took with me and for being patient with me.

BECA is also an experience where everyday, you learn something new. What I like most about being a teacher is being able to teach the kids new things and see their excitement when they get it. We have done many activities and shared many laughs! But, the kids teach me, too. I remember back to my first day of school as a teacher, and I had no idea what to do. It was my students that gave me confidence and now I am here wanting to spend more time with them. 

This summer I learned how to understand my students better, show them patience, and teach them with new strategies. My goal for this year is to give my best to my students so that they can learn everything I teach them!

Elizabeth Martinez
Teacher at SJBS | + posts

Elizabeth is from San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  She graduated from Santa Monica Bilingual School and then continued to study at San Jeronimo Bilingual School receiving a high school degree in science and humanities.  This is her second year with BECA, having started her journey with BECA as a summer camp volunteer.  She is currently studying at the Pedagogical University to become a teacher and is excited for the year ahead.