I have always been closely involved with BECA, first as a student of course, then as a teacher, and now as the BECA Program Administrator at San Jeronimo Bilingual School. My time with BECA has taught me many things and shaped me into who I am today, so I value my past experiences as a BECA student. One of my fondest memories as a student was when my dad offered morning and afternoon rides to school to some BECA teachers, which gave me the chance to talk with them and get to know them personally. We also always invited teachers over to our house, and it was fun to learn more about them and why they chose to work with BECA. My teachers never felt like just teachers – they were people I could talk to and receive support from. 

At that time, I wanted to become a doctor, because I wanted to help my community. But, as I grew up, it was my connection with my BECA teachers and my gratitude and affection for both the school and BECA that inspired me to become a teacher. I realized I could have a positive impact through teaching, since I experienced that positive impact myself. I also realized just how much work and sacrifice my ex teachers gave to us over the years. Despite coming to a different country and maybe not always feeling their best, they always gave us love and support. Over the past three years, I’ve been a BECA teacher and now I am the Program Administrator at San Jeronimo, and I still feel motivated to make an impact on our students and help them learn and grow. To me, BECA represents opportunity and support.

I love being able to share what I know to help those around me, both students and teachers. I have grown a lot, but my greatest challenge has been facing the doubts of others because I was a young teacher, and now I am a young administrator. I keep working hard to show others that my age doesn’t have an effect on what I can do. I am proud of what I have accomplished. If I could talk to my teachers today, I would want them to see how much I have achieved, because they were the ones who inspired me and helped me. I want them to know that I am where I am because of them. It is because of them that I realized just how much of an impact it can have on our community and our students. Now as a teacher and as an administrator, my favorite part of this job is making a strong connection with the students in the same way I connected with my previous teachers. The students show us so much love! 

This year, I feel very prepared to take on challenges. We had training as Administrators, and I even led some of the teacher training during Summer Institute! I have learned many things, both teaching skills and leadership skills, and my focus for this year is establishing healthy boundaries and working effectively as part of a team. I know that by showing my team of teachers support, I can create a space of thoughtful, strong teachers that are ready to give the best to their students.

Grasibel Cruz
Program Administrator at San Jerónimo Bilingual School | + posts

Grasibel Cruz is a native Honduran and has lived in Cofradía her whole life.   She has been part of the BECA team since 2020.  After being a student at SJBS she wanted to give the community a piece of her abilities to help grow together.  She ultimately wanted to be a part of the difference and change for everyone around her.  Her goal for being part of BECA is to empower her team and staff that we are capable of being the difference by always giving our best.