Serve a Local Community, Make a Global Impact

Deciding to volunteer abroad is no easy feat. Whether you’re feeling pressure from society or your family to get a job, looking for a break from the Western world, or just looking for a new place to call home, picking the right program is tough. We provide those with a desire to impact social change with the training and support to volunteer teach Honduran youth, connect to a local community, and make a global impact.


Why Should You Volunteer with BECA?

  • One year of service (more is always welcome)  

  • Learn & practice Spanish

  • Become a member of the Honduras community

  • Strengthen your resume

  • Gain international work experience

  • You have a team to help support you

  • Grow personally and professionally

  • No teaching experience required––we train you!

  • Travel throughout Honduras and Central America

  • Immerse in another culture

  • Make a true impact

We Equip You with the Opportunity, Training, and Support You Need to Teach in Honduras

Like you, we also want to make an impact in the world. With over 10 years of educating in Central America, BECA has placed over 250 individuals just like you in our partner schools as volunteer teachers. Our volunteers all come from different backgrounds. Sure, some are educators… but others are recent college grads, marketing professionals, lawyers, or even retired. Regardless of employment history, we all share the desire to make an impact in a place that truly needs it.

Apply to volunteer teach with us and join our community of volunteers devoted to equipping students with a high-quality bilingual education.


BECA has impacted my life beyond what I can put into words. Physically being in Cofradia, working alongside the most motivated, hard-working Hondurans is such a huge honor. I learn so much about myself and my strengths on a daily basis all redited to our community.

Matt McCormack, BECA Teacher, '19-'20

Teaching with BECA is a wonderful experience. You have the chance to immerse yourself in another culture and serve students that need a quality bilingual education. As a student that graduated from a BECA school myself, I’ve learned the importance of helping others.

Jaira Figueroa, BECA Teacher, '19-20

Learn Why Hundreds of Volunteers Have Chosen BECA to Serve With

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What Makes BECA So Different?

Every day, hundreds of families are separated as individuals begin the migration north for a better life. BECA believes that creating economic opportunities for individuals in their home country is the best and safest solution to fight poverty.

Over the last 18 years, we’ve worked alongside our Honduran partners to provide high-quality bilingual education to the next generation of Hondurans. Our students learn the skills they need to find dignified, well-paying work in Honduras. For many of our graduates and their families, this has allowed them to avoid the necessity of the perilous journey north.

As a volunteer teacher, you have the opportunity to defend the rights of Hondurans and provide students an education that can truly change their lives.

For the 2020-2021 school year, our one-year teaching commitment begins in July 2020 and ends in June 2021. Teachers have a holiday break from approximately Dec. 20 until Jan. 6.

All selected volunteer teachers are assigned to an elementary classroom, a middle school classroom, or a resource teacher role. BECA interviewers will explain the differences between the three positions in detail, but for now we have listed the general responsibilities required of all teachers.


  • Facilitate relationships with parents and other community members
  • Lesson-plan and teach in English all subject areas with the exception of Español and Estudios Sociales
  • Foster a safe and productive classroom environment for students
  • Serve as a Lunch/Recess monitor
  • Support your fellow teachers in school and at home
  • Serve as an ambassador for BECA by helping to spread the word about our work through your various networks


  • Maintain attendance records for all students in your homeroom
  • File a copy of your weekly lesson plans
  • Provide the Administration with a copy of your weekly class schedule
  • Sign Attendance Book upon entering/leaving school each day (required by law)
  • Ensure classroom is ready for students at beginning of each school day
  • Attend all teacher meetings
  • Keep the Administration informed of any problems or concerns (disciplinary or otherwise) you are having with students
  • Keep student files updated with the necessary information
  • Keep the office informed of extended absences of students


  • Grade exams
  • Collect performance grades from other teachers and prepare Bimester report cards
  • Fill out electronic and hard-copy versions of grading spreadsheet


  • Plan and organize extracurricular activities for students
  • Attend Association of Parents Meetings (at discretion of Administrator)
  • Participate in fundraising efforts to support BECA’s program costs


  • A commitment to BECA’s mission and a dedication to social justice
  • Fluency in English
  • Strong interpersonal and cross-cultural skills
  • Capacity to manage multiple taks simultaneously
  • Willingness to operate in a low-resource environment under challenging living conditions

While BECA asks for a one year commitment from our volunteer teachers, we actively encourage teachers to consider returning following their initial year with us. BECA recognizes that there are huge benefits to teachers returning for a second year. Returning teachers are much more effective in the classroom thanks to their previous year’s experience. Just as importantly for a community school model like ours, returners serve as a bridge between new teachers and the community, helping new team members adapt to their roles much more quickly than they otherwise would. Second-year teachers are offered a monthly stipend, which is designed to cover all out-of-pocket expenses that a volunteer might incur during their time with BECA.

A high quality education begins with high quality teachers. As a BECA volunteer, you will begin your volunteer year with an intense and comprehensive 6-week summer training that will prepare you for the duties and challenges you will face once the school year starts.

Summer training is run by BECA alumni who are veteran teachers and teacher trainers. This is the important first step in the BECA experience. After completion of the 6-week training program you be equipped with the tools necessary to succeed in a BECA classroom.

The training is very interactive and structured based on how you would teach in your own classroom. The trainers act as teachers and model the lessons for the trainees who are their students. They use “teacher talk” and give examples of classroom management techniques throughout. The training is not a lecture. It is very hands-on, very participatory.

In recognition of your service, BECA will provide you with room, board, and coverage of incidental costs. We encourage you to think of these basic amenities not as compensation, but rather as our means of facilitating your ability to make this commitment to your own learning.

BECA is excited to offer two options for needs-based scholarships that are available to full-year volunteers on a case by case basis to ensure that anyone who wants to make the commitment to volunteer with us can do so! The two options are a travel stipend (up to $500) and a needs-based monthly stipend (up to $125). For more information, follow the Statement of Need link on our Volunteer Application page.

Each school takes on a unique identity representative of its adjoining community, and partners work closely with BECA teachers and staff to provide cultural training that promotes united community engagement and cultural exchange. BECA volunteers are given the tools not only to teach, but also to learn from the communities where they live, make lifelong friendships, and leave a lasting impact.

Apart from our signature training program, we ensure the ongoing professional growth of our volunteers through quarterly professional development days. We want your year with BECA to be a professional leap forward!

BECA’s tailored custom curriculums ensure that volunteers are well prepared and equipped to provide the BECA students with a high quality, culturally relevant education.

We want you to be the “best you” during your year with BECA and beyond. Upon completion of service, we offer career development assistance and access to BECA’s extensive, and growing, network of 200+ alumni.

My two years with BECA have been a whirlwind of growth and of new experiences. From teaching middle school, to hanging out with the volunteers, to planning team bonding trips, to traveling around Honduras, to all the little moments in between, each day has brought new and exciting challenges and experiences. Every day with BECA is a new adventure. I have loved every second with my students, even the challenging moments––they constantly blow me away with their intelligence and insightfulness. It is my biggest joy and privilege to be a part of this community and it will always have a very large piece of my heart. Honduras is an incredibly beautiful country and I will always treasure my years spent volunteering here.

Katie McClave, Volunteer Teacher & Program Manager

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