This is my third year working with BECA and along the way I realised that BECA is more than a community, more than an organisation, over time it becomes a family. It is incredible the support and affection that I have received since I decided to be part of the great BECA family, from the students to the community they make you feel at home, many people do not understand how this feels because they are nervous to get involved, but once you dare to do so, there is no turning back!


Like everyone when trying something new, I felt terrified of the thought of having  my own class, but I was also eager to start this new adventure, and like every great adventure, it was like climbing mountains, some were bigger than others but we managed to overcome them as a team.

Working with BECA has allowed me to grow as a person, professionally and in all areas of my life, for that and much more I am grateful, today I can remember many of the moments when I thought I could not continue but thanks to God and thanks to the support I received, I was able to handle all that and much more. I think the only way you can fully believe in what I say is to experience it for yourself and those who have already experienced it will know what I mean, I can tell many stories that still leave me feeling relieved when I remember them, like the first time one of my students drew me a picture or when they taught me more than I was teaching them.

In short, BECA is a place that allows you to be who you are and just like our students, we also learn, so let’s learn together and make beautiful memories that last a lifetime.

Estefany Fernández
Teacher at SJBS

Estefany is a graphic design student and is a very passionate teacher from Honduras, a very beautiful country full of friendly people.  She learned about BECA through a friend who was working there at the time and was amazed at how BECA works and the impact it has on the lives of their staff and students’.  She immediately knew she wanted to be a part of BECA and make an impact within her community.  Her goal is to be a part of a community that helps other people achieve their goals and be someone her students will remember as always being filled with love and compassion.