Where is your favorite place that you’ve visited in Honduras?
My favorite place I have been to in Honduras is Cayos Cochinos. I have never seen such beautiful Islands or clearer waters.
What does a typical weekend look like for you?
On Fridays I usually relax and hangout with people at the house. Saturdays I will either go into San Pedro to go to a movie or an air conditioned coffee shop or stay in Cofradia and go on a home visit with Mr. Chris or Miss Savannah. On Sundays I plan for the week, most recently at Cusuco Coffee Shop in Cofradia.
What is your favorite part of the day?
I really enjoy teaching art or doing crafts with Prepa. I love how they all turn out so unique. It really shows their personalities.
How has your experience living in Cofradia and working at SJBS?
I have really enjoyed teaching at SJBS. We are a very close team and have fun together. I love the community of people in Cofradia. I really enjoy going on home visits. You get to see your students outside of school and see where they live and spend time with their families.
What is the funniest thing a student has ever said?
Some of my students started calling me “pollita” meaning baby chicken. I thought that was pretty funny.
How would you describe the experience of working with BECA and living in Honduras for someone thinking about applying?
The community is great and the students will drive you crazy sometimes, but ultimately you love them so much. It is an extremely challenging but equally rewarding experience. You will be stretched in new ways everyday, but you will grow exponentially throughout this year.
What is your favorite Honduran food?
How did you find out about BECA?
Miss Sondra and I were housemates in Seattle before she left for Honduras. She messaged me after the school year started and told me there was a Prepa teaching position open. I decided to quit my job in Seattle and volunteer with BECA. This experience has changed the projection of my career. I am now going back to school to get my Masters in Teaching.
How do you relax when not in school?
I watch a lot of Netflix and Facetime friends back home.
How would you describe your class?
My class is very active and supportive of each other. Throughout this year we have had our up and downs, but the students are always cheering each other on. We like to dance and sing songs every day.
How was your first day of class compared to where you are now?
The first day of class was pure chaos. I don’t think I was able to be get anyone to sit down. In past few months they have been doing amazing. I feel like it is such a calmer environment and we get much more done in a day. Once the classroom was more under control, I feel like I was able to really enjoy teaching and have more fun in the classroom.
What will you miss most about this year?
My students. They have brought me so much joy this year, and I am going to miss them very much. I have loved seeing each of their personalities come through this year.

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