Cofradía is a calm and quiet place; not much goes on outside of school and the work one does there. The tranquility is great after a long day, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes one desires to let off some steam in a bigger, busier city. Additionally, Cofradía is, in my opinion, more homogenous than the big cities I’m used to back in the states. Thus, one might often feel as though they stick out like a sore thumb. Whether it’s because of nationality, race, sexuality… whatever the case may be, it can be exhausting to feel like the odd one out every day in a place that is supposed to be your new temporary home.

La Ceiba is the escape. Just a 3-4-hour bus ride away and it’s worth it; even for only one weekend. During the day, if one is feeling real adventurous, the beautiful islands of Cayos Cochinos are just a boat ride away from La Ceiba. Coming from a coast myself, I certainly missed the beach, and Cayos is above and beyond an immaculate place to see. Besides, the good fun happens at night in La Ceiba anyway. Sure, it’s “just clubbing” during the late hours, but the atmosphere is so refreshing. While dancing, one can look around and view the inclusivity in that one space. All ages, different cultures, different identities, a beautiful blend. Also, something that caught me by a huge surprise was the fact that there was a huge, non-hidden, public LGBTQ bar/club. With Latin America having the stereotype of being so machista and some people tending to not be so accepting to our LGBTQ folk, it was significant. This also displayed that, in La Ceiba, there’s a place for everyone, and I love that.

All I can say now is that I wish I could’ve stayed there longer, and it’s a place one has to experience on their own to fully grasp its beauty.