As teachers, we see some of the most incredible learning moments that our students experience, both inside and outside of our classrooms. This is the best part of the job! We eat, sleep, and breathe just thinking up new learning opportunities for our students.

Last Friday and this Monday, our teachers had the opportunity to demonstrate just how passionate we are about lifelong learning! The whole team participated in Cross-School Observations, where the Santa Monica teachers stepped into SJBS classrooms to observe, and the San Jeronimo teachers came to SMBS the following school day. Even the students felt the excitement of fresh eyes in the classroom!

The BECA classrooms filled with learning songs, arts and crafts, science, English, and so much more! BECA teachers took on the roles of observers and learners, with some amazing takeaways. Some teachers want to implement new strategies for classroom management; others want to bring more visuals and realia into their classrooms. Some teachers will start using popsicle sticks for participation, while others set the goal to do more group work.

Teachers live the mentality of being lifelong learners, and our current staff of BECA teachers is the perfect example of this. Thank you to everyone who observed, who was observed, and who helped facilitate such an extraordinary experience for teachers and students alike!



Eva Pokorny
Instructional Administrator

Eva started her time with BECA in 2015. She was a volunteer for three years at Santa Monica, first as a Prepa/Resource teacher (in all classrooms), then as a 5th/6th grade teacher, and finally as a middle school teacher. During that time, she acted as the Instructional Admin (Pedagogy leader) for the school. She then went on to teach at an International School in San Pedro Sula, and has currently rejoined the team (Jan 2023) to re-establish a strong foundation in Pedagogy moving forward.