Welcome to International Day!
Friends, Romans, Comrades (this was how my teammates suggested I start the blog. They also suggested I write it from right to left, but I spared you).
On Friday, March 15 2013, our fifth through eighth grade students donned their saris, togas, and tuxedos to represent over 30 countries at SJBS’s First Annual International Day! The students completed a research portion of the project throughout the parcial in their computer classes and created PowerPoint presentations to show to their class. On the day of International Day, they came to school wearing the traditional dress of their chosen country and brought a traditional dish to share with the class.
During the event, the ninth grade students chaperoned first through fourth graders to look at the different displays. It was great to see the whole school come together for an afternoon and learn something new. I was especially touched by the parent turn-out. So many parents came to try the food and support their kids!
Reviews from teachers and students:
“I loved this project! I want to do it again next year!” – Elvin, 5th grade
“It was a great success and it was a great way for the kids to travel around the world, without really leaving.” – Mr. Sean, Middle School Math Teacher
“I was so impressed by their creativity and effort!” – Ms. Heidi, Middle School Science Teacher