As soon as I set foot in Honduras, I fell in love, and I’m sure that my decision to stay for a second year surprised none of my friends and family from home. This year, in addition to teaching a class of super second graders, I also serve as a resource teacher for lower school (grades K-4) in which I offer support to students who need a little extra love and attention to be successful in their second language, I give English classes at a local technical high school, I tutor students who are looking to jump into English learning, and even I’m teaching myself to be a little less awkward on the soccer field.
Every day looks a little bit different for me, but one thing that I can guarantee is that if it is a school day I will inevitably hear the call of “meeeeeeeeeeeeeeees” more times than I can count. From broken pencils to falls on the playground, from hopping on one foot down the entire hallway to sharing a favorite toy, I feel incredibly honored (and sometimes a little bit exasperated) that these small humans choose to share every bit of their experience with me. Here are just a few of my favorite reasons that my kids yell “Miss”:…
Click the link to see photos of Miss Emily’s students, explaining why they call out to her.

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