Being a teacher with BECA has taught me how to face challenges and keep fighting for my dreams, and the dreams of my students. This is my third year as a teacher with BECA, and I still feel motivated because I have some wonderful memories with the kids that show me their love every single day. Last year, one of my students told me, “Miss, how do you have the answers to all of my questions? That’s amazing!” They were so impressed with me sharing my knowledge, and that made me feel like I am doing good work with them! I told them, “If you study hard, you’ll have all the answers, too!”

They remind me of me when I was little. I always wanted to be a doctor, but for some personal circumstances I couldn’t follow that dream. Instead, I am studying to be a teacher, and I was inspired to do that because of my BECA teachers! My favorite memories from when I was a student at San Jeronimo are all the soccer games set up by my teachers. Specifically, I remember the time when my grade won first place! We all felt like we could do anything!

Now, I want to share that feeling with my students. I was inspired to teach with BECA to help the kids that want to have a better future. I find it challenging as a teacher to hear my students’ problems in life and to see how that affects them, since I don’t always have a way to help them. But BECA is a place that has supported me in my dreams and shown me how to grow as a teacher, so I want to support my students in the same way. I have learned how to be more positive with my students in a way that makes them feel good and successful.  This way, I can give them confidence to make their dreams come true. 

If I could talk to my teachers today, I’d want them to know that I reached my dreams and that I’ve never given up. This year, I will continue to confront my challenges and make sure that I’m doing my best, both for myself and for my students.

Josselyn Cruz
Teacher at Santa Monica Bilingual School | + posts

Josselyn is from Cofradia. She studies at the UPNFM University and specializing in preschool education, which is something she is very passionate about.  Spending time with children and seeing them learning and playing makes her very happy. Josselyn is a cheerful, positive, friendly person, who likes to help other people. She is  also very competitive and determined when she sets out to do something. Working with BECA is something she believes she will look back on and be proud of. Like many of her colleagues, Josselyn has been with BECA since she was a little girl - first as a student, and now as a BECA teacher.