“…Ms. Davis, a veteran principal in the district, said the school values things that no money could buy.
‘It doesn’t take money to build relationships,’ she said. ‘It doesn’t take money for you to teach students how to love.'”
I knew about LeBron James supporting a school in Cleveland. However, I wasn’t aware that this school was intentionally picked because it had the least performing students in the school district.
Today, the kids are showing substantial academic improvement and the article (below) attributes their achievement to the environment harnessed by the teachers, staff, and parents.
From my perspective, the purpose of the “I Promise” school in Cleveland is not that different from our BECA schools in Honduras. We want our kids to have access to the best education possible in communities where quality education is often denied to students with challenging backgrounds. We want to teach them that regardless of their poor performance on a subject or a test, they are worth our time, our effort and our love. We want to prepare them to stand tall in the midst of challenges and to never give up. We want to be beacons of hope and celebrate when they overcome their most daunting challenges. We want to build relationships that will teach our students to love themselves and the world around them with hopes that in the future they will do the same for their communities. ~ Mister Ricardo
Follow this link to read the full article: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/12/education/lebron-james-school-ohio.html.

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