After 3 years the question remains the same. Why BECA? I have heard this question from my relatives, my friends, co-workers and all the people who are in my close circle. I think I still don’t have a concrete answer, after 3 years and my answer continues to vary, but there are 3 very important reasons why I have been working with BECA for the past years.

The future

I grew up understanding that I was the future of this country. I heard from all my teachers how important education is and how we can move forward as a society by having an educated population. This is where you could answer; why BECA? I choose Beca because through it I can be an agent of change and contribute to the future of my country. I know that one day my grain of sand will have a positive impact through my students and in the future of our beautiful nation.


A meaningful society represents those who work in community and collaboration with one another; where each member of the community is valued for the role they play within it – not more, not less. BECA represents just this for me. Everyday I get to share my day to day with a plethora of different people who lift me up and support me. Being able to count on my co-workers is priceless.

Understanding my privilege

A very important life lesson that I learned as a child was to recognize what my privilege was and how I could use it to contribute to society in a meaningful way. I grew up surrounded by many amenities and with access to a quality education; but I could also see that my reality was not the reality of all the people in our country; so why BECA? I choose BECA because this is my way of giving back to my country for the social advantages I had in my life.

The question remains,; why BECA? And my short answer would be: I choose BECA because it is the FUTURE of this beautiful COMMUNITY called Honduras that lacks PRIVILEGES but is full of dreamers.

Orlando Rodriguez
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