Good friends look out for each other, close friends understand each other, but true friends last forever… beyond words, beyond distance, beyond time.

I arrived at the camp excited and a little nervous, I was warmly welcomed by Mister Matt and Miss Amelie. Later I met Miss Olivia, Miss Raquel, Mister Colin and Miss Kathy and they guided me in making my time so special.

This was my second time working with BECA and what keeps me coming back is the sense of community and the amazing work they do with their students.

I am grateful to BECA’s family for giving me the opportunity to be part of Summer Camp 2023.  It has been an amazing time surrounded by wonderful people with great hearts. I have had the opportunity to make new and true friends. I have also had the opportunity to meet amazing, kind and humble children and parents. 

It has been a unique experience in which I have had the opportunity to meet people from other cities and other countries. We have had the opportunity to share an apartment, cook together, walk to school together and even travel together.

I will forever keep the memories we made together.



Amelie Doyle
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