At each of our three schools, BECA volunteers teach alongside Honduran educators to provide a quality, affordable bilingual education to each and every one of our students. While BECA teachers give classes in math, science, and English, as other non-core subjects, our Honduran partners teach Spanish, social studies, reading, and spelling. The emphasis on partnership and teamwork are important pillars that makes BECA what it is, and we are grateful for our Honduran teachers, working each day in school. Read about the Honduran team at Santa Monica in their own words below.
“The good that has been done by ourselves gives us an inner satisfaction, which is the sweetest of all the passions.” – Descartes
We as teachers at Santa Monica Bilingual School believe firmly in this quote by Descartes and it is for this reason that we strive in our work to educate the students in our school. We also enjoy sharing our culture, traditions, holidays, and positive environment with BECA. Our academic responsibilities include educating and developing areas such as: Spanish, Social Studies, Reading, Spelling, and Handwriting. We want to express our gratitude for having been included in this project and we commit to fulfill our promise to support all initiatives in search of the common good.
Pictured above (left to right): Profesor Guillermo (Social Science and Spanish 5th and 6th grade); Profesora Sonia Pineda (Social Sciences and Spanish 1st and 2nd grade); Profesora Sonia Guzman (teacher support); Profesora Teresa (Preparatoria and Spanish resources); Profesor Efer (Social Science and Spanish 3rd and 4th grade)
*Each grade receives classes in reading, writing, and spelling during Spanish class.
Versión en español:
“El bien que hemos hecho nos da una satisfacción interior, que es la más dulce de todas las pasiones.” (Descartes)
Nosotros los maestros de la Escuela Bilingüe Santa Mónica creemos en esta celebre frase de Descartes, es por eso que ponemos mucho de nuestro empeño en las labores relacionadas con la educación de los alumnos de nuestra escuela. También disfrutamos compartir con BECA nuestra cultura, tradiciones, fiestas y buen ambiente. Nuestra responsabilidad académica incluye educar y formar en áreas como: Español, Ciencias Sociales, Lectura, Ortografía, Caligrafía! Queremos expresar nuestro agradecimiento por pertenecer a este proyecto y reiteramos nuestro compromiso en apoyar toda iniciativa en la búsqueda del bien común.
-Glenda Garcia, SMBS Director

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BECA Alumni

After a year full of singing the ABC song daily, bathing in glitter and glue, and dancing embarrassingly in front of her students, Raven is excited to return to San Jeronimo. She will teaching Prepa, following her class from Kinder, and has great hopes that there will be far fewer tears on the first day this time around. Before coming to Honduras, Raven studied Creative Writing and Spanish at Missouri State University, where she also had the opportunity to study away in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She has plans to attend graduate school for Latin America Studies after her time in Honduras and continue learning about the people and culture of the area. In the meantime, she hopes to help her students transition into the full school day, begin to read, and learn to say her name correctly. She's especially looking forward to spending time with her twenty-five small friends and their families come August.