Oskar David Bonilla Fúnez
When did you start at SJBS?
San Jeronimo Bilingual School started when I was two years old.
Do you have any brothers or sisters at SJBS?
I have no brothers in this institution. I have a cousin in 2nd grade and my cousin entering kindergarten.
Describe your family.
My family are very (hard) workers. They are always there for one another, very honest, cooperative.
What was your first day of school like?
If I started very young as two-years-old because it was very hard. I could hardly speak a little English and was very shy, but now when my friends know I am more reliable and already after very well.
How did you feel on your first day of 9th grade?
For my first day in 9th grade was difficult as thinking what will be your goals to accomplish what you want to do.
What are you going to do after graduating from SJBS?
For when I graduated from SJBS continue studying and achieve my goals I have.
Where do you want to be in 5 years?
I’ll be graduating and will work with God’s help to achieve the goals I have.
What is the most powerful lesson you’ve learned at SJBS?
What I learned was that to achieve what you dream and intend to achieve it and with the help of our family and teachers make it.
Which teacher impacted you the most (any year of school)? Why?
All teachers were very important because they have always been to help and improve, and sometimes they advise you and then you end up wanting to become part of my life. I will miss a lot them.

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