Tis’ the season for giving and we’ve got the perfect holiday gift for you and your loved ones!
For a limited time BECA is offering some very special items with 100% of the proceeds going to support our school projects and help us grow. Now you, or someone you love, can enjoy the aromas and flavour of fair-trade organic Honduran coffee while looking cool sipping out of our limited edition consciousness-raising BECA travel mug. With every morning coffee you are empowering BECA students across Honduras – you sip, they learn!
So whether you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for a friend, or a way to make a difference this holiday, these items are the perfect gift that gives back!
Tell your friends and family just how special they are with a holiday card designed by BECA students at Santa Monica Bilingual School. And, while wishing a happy holiday you will be giving back to those very same students that made the cards.
Available: 12

This limited edition travel mug is a great gift for the socially-consious coffee lover. Walk around this winter knowing that your morning coffee is directly linked to each BECA student’s learning. This fair-trade organic coffee is from our friends at the cooperative Aruco in Corquin, Copan. While enjoying their flavours you will be contributing to BECA’s programs and supporting this group of local Honduran coffee farmers.
Available: 44