We love BECAuse thanks to bilingual educación
There are going to be better generaciones.
Learning a second lenguaje is going to open us a lot of doors
that are going to let us help people that are poor.
We love BECAuse since we were a child
we know that there are a lot of reasons to smile.
We grow as childrens full of joy
because everyday we learn things that we enjoy.
We love BECAuse there are teachers that support us in our lives
and for us they are like a light.
They are just the people we had in mind
and they were not easy to find.
There are many reasons to love
My words are not enough.
Love is a feeling that gives joy
and that’s what you should enjoy.
What is your reason to love?
by Dayani Enamorado, Santa Monica Bilingual School (8th grade)

Amelie Doyle
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