Karen Emilia Zaldivar Zelaya
When did you start at SJBS?
I started SJBS in Kinder.
Do you have any brothers or sisters at SJBS?
I have a brother, Salomon, but two more from my dad’s part, Axel and Walter.
Describe your family.
My family is maybe one of the happiest families. They are always joking and laughing. We do have bad times, but we try to get over them together.
What was your first day of school like?
The first day of school was very emotional. I was scared, nervous–I was crying.
How did you feel on your first day of 9th grade?
On the first day of 9th grade, I felt very important and confident. Also, very powerful.
What are you going to do after graduating from SJBS?
After graduating from SJBS, I want to keep studying.
Where do you want to be in 5 years?
In 5 years, I’m sure I’ll be studying still. The career I want is medicine and it’s really long.
What is the most powerful lesson you’ve learned at SJBS?
The most powerful lesson I learned at SJBS is that if you don’t work hard for something, it’s not worth it.
How have you changed since you began at SJBS?
Since I began in SJBS, I’ve changed in the way that I look at things more positively and mature.
How do you feel about the future?
About the future, I feel very curious because I want to know how I am going to succeed in life–what are the things I’m going to achieve?
What do you want other people to know about Honduras?
I want other people to know about Honduras that it is my home and it’s a beautiful place. The food here in Honduras is very delicious. There are lots of touristic places.
What’s the funniest thing that ever happened at school?
The funniest things happen every single day. There is not one day I don’t laugh at school. And it’s all because of my friends.
What will you miss about SJBS?
I think that what I’ll miss the most from SJBS is my friends. They are the ones who made me smile every single day.
Describe a normal day at school.
A normal day at SJBS it would be never. In SJBS, in our classroom, there is never a normal day. We are always laughing together. We do have bad moments, but we try to control ourselves.
What does BECA mean to you?
BECA is a very good organization; it gives opportunities to children who need it.

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